Friday, May 22, 2009

The Lost Child

Please download (for free) a short piece of fiction I've written for Nextwords 2009 by the CalArts MFA Writing students featuring your boy Jai Brandon. The title of the piece is called "The Lost Child." It was written in my undergrad days and revised my first year at CalArts during a short fiction class taught by Vanessa Place. Click here to download. You can also purchase a hard copy on the website if you'd like. Fiction isn't my specialty (as I am an actor/performance writer) but I enjoyed the process. I had the opportunity to have a reading of this as RedCat and it received a pretty good response from the audience. Enjoy! 

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Introducing Me: Keyshia Cole Style

I am finally done with school!!!! Done with Morehouse 2 years ago where I received my BA in Art. Done with the California Institute of the Arts this past month where I was just awarded my Master's of Fine Art. Now it's time to introduce myself to the real world. No longer a student! I'm just an Actor/Writer working my way "From The Bottom Up." But what better way would there be than to introduce myself with a song from an artist I enjoy. Keyshia Cole! You'll learn more about me along the way. Until then. Enjoy Miss Cole. 

(Note: In the photo my roommate Erica Jackson at our CalArts graduation ceremony.)